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Reporting problems with footpaths


If you come across a problem with a footpath whilst on patrol please contact your local council direct.  






or to the the Ramblers Association 


We know that blocked or mis-directed public footpaths are a real problem for patrollers so the more we report the better.


Accommodation / Lifts


From time to time we have requests for both accommodation and lift sharing.  These are best achieved through contacts on Facebook as, unfortunately, we are unable to organise this for Patrollers.  However, once you've met some other patrollers you may be able to organise this amongst yourselves.

Other Useful Information

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GABS is a proud  member of:

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) is a group of volunteers who came together in the summer of 2012 to try and prevent the planned badger cull in our county. Like farmers, we want to see the end of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle; the evidence shows that culling badgers is not the answer.


We regularly work with local people and national charities and we only campaign peacefully and within the law and do not believe in intimidation; we have supporters of all ages and occupations, including farmers.