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Thank you for your continued support for GABS especially those supporters who have been busily preparing for the next cull.  We are preparing for the cull  to be extended over a wider area and we shall let you know how the plans are unfolding as soon as we are able .  Doubtless plans continue to be put in place while the country is pre-occupied with Brexit and the surrounding hysteria.  While all of this is going on our badgers are increasingly at risk as the cull continues.


How you can help in the meantime .....


At the time of the last General Election it was widely reported that the Badger Cull was in the top five topics in MP’s post and email box.  Can you help the badgers to get there again before everyone falls into a mist of complacency and the powers that be think the opposition to the cull has fallen away?


Here are some hints!


1     Write to your MP directly and individually.  They will rarely reply to those emails which arrive with them through social media sites.


2     You can find your MPs email and postal address here:


3     Head your letter Bovine TB, rather than the Badger Cull, otherwise you will reveal your sympathies.


4     List your questions, making them clear and unambiguous and/or ask her/him to seek clarification on various points.


5     If you are not satisfied with the reply, then please write again.


If you can spare the time, please visit your MP in their surgery.  They need to know that there is still very much concern about Government policy designed to eradicate TB.


Here are some points which you might consider


Between 1996 and 2006, 11,000 badgers were killed.  The Independent Scientific Group of experts concluded:  ‘badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the future control of cattle TB in Britain’ as a result of ‘high costs and low benefits’ and recommended that ‘TB control methods focus on areas other than badger culling’.  This finding was ignored by the Government.


In 2013, an independent expert panel was set up by the Government to monitor the pilot cull.  This group concluded after one year that ‘the free shooting of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire was inhumane and ineffective’.  This finding was ignored by the Government.  This group was disbanded, monitoring abandoned and culling now takes place with no independent monitoring.


The British Veterinary Association withdrew their support for the free shooting of running badgers as it was deemed to be inhumane after the 2013-14 cull.


Scientific research indicates that 94% of all bTB transmission to cattle is by cattle to cattle.


Scientific research indicates that 6% of bTB transmission to cattle might be from badgers, deer and other wild animals.


Scientists do not know how badgers infect cattle.


The primary cattle test for bTB detects only 50 – 80% of the infected animals, leaving anything from one in five to one in two infected animals in the herd to continue spreading the infection.  


The total estimated cost of the first two years of culling is £16,800,000 and funded by the taxpayer.


The cost of killing each badger is £6,700.


      Thank you on behalf of our badgers.


      Be a hero!


Please write to your MP


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Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) is a group of volunteers who came together in the summer of 2012 to try and prevent the planned badger cull in our county. Like farmers, we want to see the end of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle; the evidence shows that culling badgers is not the answer.


We regularly work with local people and national charities and we only campaign peacefully and within the law and do not believe in intimidation; we have supporters of all ages and occupations, including farmers.