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A peaceful, law-abiding campaign group.

Made up of people who are opposed to the cull of badgers as a method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB in the UK.

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Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) is a group of volunteers who came together in the summer of 2012 to try and prevent the planned badger cull in our county.


Like farmers, we want to see the end of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle, but the evidence shows that culling badgers is not the answer.


We work with local people and national charities. We only campaign peacefully and within the law and do not believe in intimidation. We have supporters of all ages and occupations, including farmers.

Latest Updates:

Chief Vet raises doubts over future of Gloucestershire Badger Cull


The day after MPs went home from Parliament for Christmas the government has finally admitted that this year’s Gloucestershire Badger Cull was a failure for the second year running. The cull operators killed just 25% of the maximum number of badgers they intended to kill in this year’s Gloucestershire cull and missed their minimum target by over 340 badgers.

The government’s own Chief Veterinary Officer, Nigel Gibbens, has now admitted the cull might not lead to the hoped-for reduction of the disease in Gloucestershire and the DEFRA report confirms that the levels of accuracy and humaneness achieved in this year's cull were not significantly improved compared to 2013. The Chief Vet has stated that culling should only continue in Gloucestershire in 2015 if “there are reasonable grounds for confidence that it can be carried out more effectively. “This is because the government’s own figures show that the cull was not significantly more humane or effective than last year.

The cull operators took almost twelve hours to shoot each badger they killed and had to set each trap more than 50 times for each badger they trapped and shot. It beggars belief that the government should even consider continuing with this failed policy when the Welsh government has taken a different route to controlling the disease which does not include culling badgers and which is reaping significant rewards.

GABS will fight on to get this failed policy changed in 2015  for the sake of both badgers and cattle.

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