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A peaceful, law-abiding campaign group.

Made up of people who are opposed to the cull of badgers as a method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB in the UK.

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A selction of media stories, from around the world, covering the badger cull.

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03/09/2015 - Police gagged by DEFRA as Gloucestershire Badger Cull kicks off

02/09/2015 - Badger Groups find first casualties in Gloucestershire Badger Cull Zone

28/08/2015 - Gloucestershire Badger Cull shambles to continue for third year

19/08/2015 - Parliamentary probe planned over misuse of public funds in Gloucestershire Badger Cull

11/08/2015 - Local Badger Campaign Group Challenges NFU to face the facts

21/06/2015 - National Trust puts skids under badger cull roll out 

20/04/2015 - Further calls for Gloucestershire pilot badger cull to be scrapped as they are declared inhumane by British Veterinary Association

18/02/2015 - Electoral choices now clear for Stroud badger supporters 09/02/2015 - DEFRA finally confirms that Badger Cull putting people at risk

16/01/2015 - Badger Campaign group calls for PCC to ensure justice for patrollers

18/12/2014 - Chief Vet raises doubts over future of Gloucestershire Badger Cull 

27/11/2014 - Gloucestershire Badger Campaign Group Scoop Top Public Relations Award

20/10/2014 - Badger Campaign Group asks farmers to change tack on future badger culls

17/09/2014 - Labour Party condemn Badger Cull and promise end to culling if elected 

14/09/2014 - Brian May to visit Gloucester and Somerset Cull Zones

06/09/2014 - Badger Cull Objectors Alarmed at Public Safety Risks Due to Lack of Effective Policing

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Welcome to Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS)


GABS goes back into the fields to help save our badgers from 1st September 2015


The Government has now confirmed that the cull is going ahead again in Gloucestershire and Somerset and is being rolled out to Dorset.  In Gloucestershire the shooters have a target of killing between 265 and 679 badgers  this year and many will end up wounded and die a horrible and painful death.  We are asking people to come out and join us to help save the badgers from  Tuesday 1st September until the end of the cull which should last for 6 weeks to help  look for wounded badgers. You can find details of how to join us and what we do by clicking onto the Wounded Badger Patrol pages above.  Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has stood out against the culls for the last  3 years and with your support we will have people out in the Gloucestershire cull zone, acting within the law looking for wounded badgers. The more people we have out during the cull, the more badgers we can help save so if you’re not on our mailing list please join us by emailing us on