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Latest Updates:

THE CULL HAS STARTED, our evening Wounded Badger Patrols are in operation. For full details see the How you can help section below.

GABS is not organising day walks this year,but they are being organised by others. People are needed urgently by them for day walks from now and for the next few weeks to look for badger activity and injured badgers during the day. We understand they are now meeting each morning at 11am at the Newent Co-op ( ex Budgens) car park. Post code GL181PS.

During the 2013 cull many badgers were wounded and died slow and painful deaths. The government’s own Independent Expert Panel concluded that the cull was both inhumane and ineffective. Still, the government is insisting that the cull should go ahead once more in Gloucestershire and Somerset in 2014, this time worryingly without any independent monitoring. We want to see an end to bovine TB and the suffering it causes, but killing badgers in a futile cull, proven to have no effect on bTB, is not the answer.

Wounded Badger Patrols are:

  • Law-abiding & peaceful
  • Operated on public footpaths and public rights of way
  • Aiming to locate and help wounded badgers
  • Coordinated by experienced night coordinators
  • Run to ensure the safety of patrollers
  • Recruiting new members for walking patrols, sett monitoring & monitoring from cars

Welcome to Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) is a group of volunteers who came together in the summer of 2012 to try and prevent the planned badger cull in our county.

Like farmers, we want to see the end of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle, but the evidence shows that culling badgers is not the answer.

We work with local people and national charities. We only campaign peacefully and within the law and do not believe in intimidation. We have supporters of all ages and occupations, including farmers.

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