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A peaceful, law-abiding campaign group.

Made up of people who are opposed to the cull of badgers as a method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB in the UK.

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GABS out there ready to help the badgers


With the election of the new Tory government it now looks certain that the badger cull will come back to West Gloucestershire for the third consecutive year.


The government ministers responsible for the cull have confirmed that the Gloucestershire and Somerset culls will go ahead and once again use the inhumane method of free shooting of badgers. This is despite the government’s own Independent Panel of Experts stating that this method was inhumane and ineffective in 2013 and more recently the highly regarded British Veterinary Association (BVA), stating that free shooting is not humane and should not be used in culls. Despite all the evidence and all the science the government is determined to press on with this pointless and cruel cull.


The cull can start anytime after 1st June 2015 up until December 2015.


Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has stood out against the culls for the last 3 years and will once again have people out in the Gloucestershire cull zone, acting within the law looking for wounded badgers.


The more people we have out during the cull the more badgers we can help save so please join us by emailing us on 

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