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A peaceful, law-abiding campaign group.

Made up of people who are opposed to the cull of badgers as a method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB in the UK.

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The General Election is on May 7th GABS and with your support we plan to make the Gloucestershire Badger Cull an election issue. Whilst GABS does not support any particular party we will do all we can to let people know how their vote on May 7th could make a difference to our badgers.


So far in contacting the various parties it is clear that only the Greens and Labour are committed to stopping the Gloucestershire cull continuing.


The Conservatives plan to continue in Gloucestershire and roll the cull out elsewhere. Lib Dems are currently agreeing to allow the cull in Gloucestershire to continue but have not agreed a roll out.  We are unable to get feedback from UKIP and are having to assume that they are in favour of culling.  Unless these positions change, GABS is therefore saying …. Vote Badger by voting either Green or Labour.


In Gloucestershire there are 2 seats which could change hands and make a difference. These are Stroud and Gloucester where there are sitting Conservative MPs who are most at risk of losing to Labour candidates. We will be focusing our efforts to spread the word in those two seats. In Cheltenham, the sitting Lib Dem MP, Martin Horwood, is against culling despite the stance of his own party. He is at risk of losing to the Conservatives.


If you live in the county and want to help or live elsewhere and would help raising the issue in your home town please email us for more information on . For other ways to get invloved please click here.

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